Kompresorový systém Air Lift, pro vzduchové odpružení

29 270 Kč 24 190 Kč bez DPH
Osobně v prodejně:ihnedPřepravní společností:pondělí 2.10
Kód25980EZPNAir lift Wireless one
WirelessONE lets you adjust any brand of air springs from inside or outside your cab with the hand-held controller or your smart phone. It also maintains a pre-set pressure level. Includes EZ Mount bracket for simple and versatile installation. Compressor system lets you monitor and adjust 1 pair of air springs with remote control or smart phone Maintains equal air pressure in both springs for front-to-back leveling Wireless, hand-held controller with built-in gauge activates compressor from inside or outside your cab Free app turns your smart phone into a fully-functional controller Over-the-air software updates via free iOS and Android mobile app 2-way Bluetooth communication allows for built-in diagnostics 3 Programmable, user-defined memory settings EZ Mount comes pre-assembled with 3 key features Black powder coated steel mounting bracket Upgraded heavy-duty compressor 120 PSI (max), 1.03 CFM, 9 percent duty cycle, 12V Integrated manifold No need to run lines or wires to the cab Can be mounted vertically or horizontally Includes U-bolt for an easy and drill-free attachment to the frame rail Kit includes compressor, weather-resistant manifold, wireless remote, mobile app, wiring harness, mounting bracket, and air lines Factory tested to be leak free