ROUSH přední splitter pro Mustang 2015-2017

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Kód421855PN2015-2017 Mustang ROUSH Front Chin SplitterVýrobceROUSH Performance
Product highlights for the 2015-2017 Mustang ROUSH Front Chin Splitter: Fits ROUSH 2015-2017 R7 Front Fascia Reduces front end lift, increases downforce Includes all required hardware Easy to install Designed with OEM CAD data to ensure precise fitment ROUSH 90-Day Limited Parts Warranty Made in the U.S.A. The ROUSH 2015-2017 Front Chin Splitter ads a “track ready” look to your s550 Mustang and helps keep the front end stable and planted at speed. The Front splitter creates a low speed, high pressure pocket of air above, and high speed, low pressure air below, the effect is added downforce keeping the front from lifting at higher speeds and helping the front tires maintain grip of the road. The Front Chin Splitter is designed and manufactured by ROUSH in the USA using Durable injection molded TPO plastic. TPO is used by major OEM’s for its high impact resistance, durability and heat resistance. **2015-2017 ROUSH Front Chin Splitter is designed to fit the 2015-2017 ROUSH Front Fascia only.
VýrobceROUSH Performance
Ročníky Mustangů 6. generace2015, 2016, 2017
Motory Mustangů 6. generace2.3 I4 286 HP/213 kW, 2.3 I4 310 HP/231 kW, 2.3 I4 313 HP/233 kW, 3.7 V6 300 HP/224 kW, 5.0 V8 415 HP/310 kW, 5.0 V8 435 HP/324 kW, 5.0 V8 444 HP/331 kW, 5.0 V8 453 HP/338 kW, 5.0 V8 460 HP/343 kW, 5.0 V8 480 HP/358 kW, 5.2 V8 526 HP/392 kW, 5.2 V8 760 HP/567 kW
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